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There are many ways to contribute. Together we can build something life-changing.


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Making a direct contribution is one of the easiest ways to support AiBI. Your support keeps us going! Either click on this link or send directly on paypal to [email protected] (no paypal account required)


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Since sharing my recovery blog in 2012, I have received thousands of emails from individuals all over the world in search of community, detailed information, and resources pertaining to improved health and recovery. By supporting my work and AiBI, you’re not only supporting a great cause, you’re working with us to create and provide resources to those who really need them.

With the help of the incredible people in the medical, health, and TBI communities, we are positively changing lives by providing positive information, hope, and guidance, and we invite you to be a part of the journey!

Where Does My Support Go?

The “Adventures in Brain Injury” website, podcast, and media are produced, hosted, and supported independently from within the community! We pour countless hours into production and maintenance each week, and I strive to make content provided by AiBI.com as available and commercial-free as possible.

Your support is vital and contributes directly to everything from hosting and maintenance costs, to software upgrades and content promotion–and we can’t thank you enough!

If you see the value from my blog, videos, podcasts, or you simply think the work we do is worth a buck or two, I thank you endlessly for considering taking an active role in joining us to achieve something life-changing by spreading the word, making a donation, or by becoming a patron and making the work we do more effective.

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